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Millions of expatriates around the world are saving for their retirements now. But how many know how much they will need to retire on? With state and company pensions failing in recent years, making sure that your retirement is both enjoyable and secure has never been so important.


It is estimated that in the United Kingdom alone the average pension pot is worth only around £ 25,000 but this would provide a single man, aged 65 an annual income of approximately £ 1,250 per year or £ 104 a month. This of course represents a state of poverty of most people. But even a 65 year old male with £ 100,000 in his retirement pot may only receive around £ 6,800 a year. Though this may be better it does not represent the type of retirement income most people will need.


As many expatriates may only be entitled to a limited state pension or in many cases nothing at all, private pension planning has never been so important!


Pension planning is not however just a matter of signing up to a product and sending our money off. It is a matter of understanding the facts.

For FIRST Financial Direct Group this starts by taking the time to get to know our clients and their needs as well as guiding them through the maze of options.


We believe that to help our clients plan for a successful retirement it is vital to understand the 4 Ws:


WHAT is the amount I need to have as a minimum income at retirement?
This amount can be calculated and should be used as a guide to planning. It should also be reviewed regularly.


WHEN will I retire or reduce working hours and income?
It stands to reason the longer you have to save the better things should be. So starting early is normally of benefit.


WHERE will I be at retirement?
This can be a difficult question to answer, but is can be of great help in planning retirement as it allows for taxation and cost of living to be factored in.


WHY am I saving the way I am?
What do I understand of the structures I am using? Does my adviser care about me? The WHY question is probably the most important and so often the most overlooked.


FIRST Financial Direct Group is here to make the WHY clear and meaningful by taking time to understand you and your need initially and ongoing via regular reviews.


FIRST Financial Direct Group believes that by listening to your needs first, we can tailor the correct plan for you and with ongoing personal reviews we can help make financial success a reality.


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